Meet Nemesis!

Nemesis is the leader of the pack. She was born in 1997, and is 14 years old now. She's a medium-haired calico. Now, I've always heard that calico cats have a mean temperament. Not Nemesis. She's one of the friendliest cats we've ever known. Mischievous, yes, but friendly.

For a cat her age, she plays as though she's still a kitten! 

Nemesis as a kitten Nemesis at 8 months old
She sure was a cute puffball!
She looks innocent, but...
Here she's about 8 months old right
before Giliane moved in.
Nemesis the thief Nemesis checking out the Xmas bag
Here's Nemesis about a month after
Giliane moved in.   She swiped my orange
scrubber and wouldn't leave it alone!
Nemesis just can't resist
checking out any bag.
Being a pest in the cupboard Nemesis, Relaxing 2001
Claiming the shelf in the laundry
room for her own.
Just relaxin'!!

Nemesis in Jeff's chest gear! Nemesis, March 2003
Hey Dad, what's that smell? Nobody will EVER find me here!

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