Meet Argo!

Well, here is our "baby"!!
Well, he isn't such a baby anymore. Argo will be 13 years old as of May 2011. Everyone says he is the "sweet one". He is a great cat and he loves his daddy!!  His favorite thing in the world to do is to curl up on his daddy's chest and purr so loud it's hard to hear anything else!

Lately, Argo has become the "Lizard Killer".  Don't ask.

Argo as a kitten Argo at about 3 months old
This is Argo when we first got him... isn't he adorable!!
This is about a month after we got him.  He is enjoying my basket!
Argo at about 6 months old Argo at Christmas 1999
He is about 6 months old here.
He is waiting for dad to get up!
Argo is helping Jon break in his
new camping equipment.
Argo in his bed, 2003 By the patio, 2001
Dad!! Why did you have to take my picture??
Mom, you woke me up!!

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