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May 2nd, 2009 - Brayden's 5th Birthday Party!

Waterfall at Anthem Community Park  Grandma Diane tries to figure out how to tie 2 dogs to a tree  Aunt Giliane & Uncle Jeff rest on a bench with Keeley  Jon and his sons take Keeley for a walk!  The birthday boy checks out one of his presents from Uncle Jeff & Aunt Giliane  Too much excitement for Bailey Jean!

Brayden's cake  Blayke goofing off while at dinner!  Brayden, Bailey Jean, and Brittany  Uncle Jeff and Bailey!

March 1-3rd, 2008 - The Twins Visit!

The girls check out some of Keeley's toys at Uncle Jeff & Aunt Giliane's house!  Keeley checks out what the girls are doing  Julianne plays with Keeley in the living room  Keeley finally met her match in energy levels!  That's one dead dog!  When asked if I could take their pic, this is what I get!  So now I asked for a "pretty pic".  Katelyn struck a pose, and Julianne told me what she thought of my camera!  Julianne has now "adopted" Keeey as her own!  Dog pile under Uncle Jeff's desk!  Tuckered out, all 3 take a mini-siesta, under my desk!  Julianne, with her "new" dog!  Playing under my desk, the girls reluctantly pose for a pic!

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