Meet the newest addition to the clan! A little cocker spaniel dog by the name of Sammi! She's about 4 years old now and is a black sable, or so we're told. She's a cute little dog that loves to play with her ball, chase after birds, and protect the house from all those vicious motorcyclists!

We decided to buy Sammi a "kong", which is a hollow, rubber toy that you can stuff treats in.  That dog has become obsessed with that thing!  She carries it around with her wherever she goes.  We'll have to post some pictures of her holding that thing.

Yeah, sure, she looks innocent now.     I never met a dog who loves rawhide bones more than this dog.     Awww, come on dad!  You call this a tennis ball?  It's tiny!!     The ball should be this size, dad.    

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