Terms of Use

     Hold on... hold on.... I know that nobody likes to read about guidelines, so I promise this won't be too bad!! *grin*
     I just want to say a few things. I don't mind anyone using graphics from my site as long it is on a personal homepage or if it is for a commercial site, I have authorized use. All I require is a link back to my site on the pages that contain my graphics. I hope that you will not take my graphics to use in a collection or take credit for making them. I have spent a lot of time making them and if you have ever made a graphic from scratch you will know what I am writing about. It is like anything you do. If you wrote a poem, you wouldn't want someone else to print it and sign their name to it. If you see anyone using graphics illegally, please notify the true owner so something can be done!!
     Thank you so much for your time... honestly, I'm done now... please enjoy your stay!! *smile*

Please remember, do not use the background or buttons on this page. Thanks. ~HGD

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Be sure and save the logo onto your own hard drive and do not link directly to from this page. If you need help with the HTML fragment for linking to this site please email me